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"…he would pull me aside in between scenes and ask me how I felt the scene was going. I got on the elevator and went down from the 29th floor that day and went out on Park Avenue and just kind of ran for a couple blocks because I was just so excited and happy that this is my new working relationship. It was one of those moments in NYC that you never forget…"

- Megan Boone on her favorite scene with James Spader

"Red caressed Naomi’s face with his rough hands, reveled in the softness of her skin. Her skin was cool from being out in the autumn air. Instinctively he pulled her face to his own, pressed a kiss to her forehead. She released the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. She knew her husband wouldn’t like Red’s display of affection but in this moment there was only them and the chasm that had stretched between them being closed. She wondered if Red was thinking the same thing as she, memories of their life running through their heads: their wedding day, the loss of their first pregnancy, the joy of when Jennifer had been born. All that and more, that horrible evening when he didn’t come home,  when the unspeakable had happened. The ever-present anger welled inside her again and she finally broke away from him, knowing this would likely be the last time they’d meet."

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It looks to me like Liz has earbuds in.  I could be wrong, but what if I’m not?  And what if…just what if he’s playing music for her?  

What if he’s playing The Anniversary Waltz because he knows it will be a trigger for her, just like the music box was?  

Because everything is going to be okay.

As if the picture hadn’t destroyed me already, that line and the thought of him playing The Anniversary Waltz for her…


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